Light Transmittance System

Fully automatic on-line light transmittance, haze and color measurement


The Light Transmittance System is a fully automatic, on-line system for measuring light transmittance (LT), Haze and Color values (Delta-E) on any plastic sheet. The system continuously measures at a fixed point on the sheet, close to the extruder and can be adjusted for dies of any width.

The system uses a calibrated and controlled light source which passes through identical integrating spheres located outside the sheet (see photo below). This method ensures the accuracy of the system.

Shorter Changeover Times

As opposed to laboratory equipment, the Light Transmittance System is located on the line, near the extruder. This means that operators receive feedback on LT, Haze and Color changes almost immediately, drastically reducing changeover times.


Cost Savings

By providing immediate feedback on LT, Haze and Color values, the Light Transmittance System saves the plant raw material, scrap and lost production time.

Hot/Cold Sheet Compensation

In order to compensate between the hot sheet measurements taken by the Light Transmittance System and the cold sheet measurements taken by the plant’s laboratory equipment, the system contains an automatic compensation algorithm which displays the results corrected for cold sheets.


A few of the Light Transmittance System’s core features



The Light Transmittance System continuously and automatically measures light transmittance, haze and color values  with no operator involvement.


Cost savings

Cost savings

Significant savings in labor, raw materials, lost production time, scrap and more.



The Light Transmittance System is capable of measuring even the most highly diffused sheets of any width.



The Light Transmittance System is mounted on the cooling table and can be moved in and out, making it compatible with narrow and wide dies.



Cost savings

Significant savings in raw material, lost time and scrap.

Feature set

Light transmittance, haze and color monitoring all in one easy to use, automatic, on-line system.

Temperature compensation

Hot sheet results are automatically linked with the lab equipment in use (i.e. Haze guard, Colorimeter).


The system constantly monitors temperature and immediately retracts if the sheet gets too hot or too close.