Vision Inspection Systems for Plastic Sheet Manufacturers

INSPEC.TECH Inspection Technologies is a leading manufacturer of inspection systems for plastic sheet manufacturers. Our systems were developed from the ground up with plastic sheet manufacturers in mind and all components, features and even the user interface are designed specifically for ensuring and improving the quality and efficiency of plastic sheet production. You can find a list of our products below or contact us for more information.

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Vision Inspection Systems


Optical Defects Inspection and Distortion Measurement

Our Optical Defects Inspection and Distortion Measurement system was designed from the ground up for optical sheet and film  manufacturers with the highest quality requirements. The system consists of both a defect detection and classification system as well as optical distortion measurement, all in one package using one clear user interface.



Light Transmittance and Haze Measurement

Our Light Transmittance and Haze measurement system continuously measures light transmittance, haze and color changes at a fixed point on the sheet, on the production line. The system is capable of measuring even the most highly diffused and tinted sheets and can compensate for the sheet’s temperature. 


Thickness Measurement Systems

Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer

The Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer is a fully automatic, in-line thickness inspection system designed specifically for multi-wall (hollow) PC sheet manufacturers. The system is the first of its kind and the only one capable of measuring wall thickness of all walls on the sheet automatically on the line.


Solid Sheet Thickness Analyzer

The Solid Sheet Thickness Analyzer is a fully automatic, in-line thickness inspection system designed for  solid sheets and film. The system emits zero radiation, does not require any human resources to operate and is capable of measuring  clear, tinted, diffused or opaque sheets and film of any thickness.


UV Cap Layer Inspection

Polysee HD System

The Polysee HD system was designed from the ground up for plastic sheet manufacturers with the most demanding requirements to allow for high accuracy measurements of the UV protective layer on co-extruded sheets.


Automatic UV Cap Layer Measurement

The Automatic UV Cap Layer Measurement system is the world’s first system capable of accurately measuring the UV cap layer thickness on finished, full size PC sheets.


Selected Customers

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